somewhat OT : Rev cgi & Safari

Martin Baxter mb.ur at
Thu Mar 23 08:47:51 EST 2006

jbv wrote:
>> Don't know about safari versions.
>> Are you styling the form elements with css at all? I have known this to
>> cause serious browser-specific issues in the past.
>> Are the names of your form elements robust - all safe characters - if
>> they are somehow getting encoded by the browser your cgi might not
>> recognise them? (A Very Long shot I know, but...)
>> What kinds of elements go missing? Any pattern?
> Martin,
> Thanks for your reply...
> yes, I use css with all form elements and those that get
> skipped are mainly <select> elements with "onchange"
> js code...

That's a scenario where I have seen issues. I've seen some browsers get 
really confused by css styled select elements. One thing I have seen 
personally (actually in ie macOS 9 IIRC but not in any recent browsers) 
is confusion over the actual position of the select element, - e.g. it 
gets activated when clicking in adjacent whitespace, but not on the 
element itself. If possible I would simply remove styling from these and 
see if that affects what happens.

I have also seen browsers freeze when a select element is changed. This 
sort of thing might be a javascript issue, but could also conceivably be 
related to css if some bad code in the browser itself is making 
assumptions about the select element having been drawn directly by the 
OS. A javascript error need not freeze the browser of course, it could 
easily "fail silently" from the users perspective. The value change 
presumably then wouldn't be applied to your hidden elements. Since you 
are reliant on javascript, and that is notorious for browser related 
issues, it is quite possible there are some js bugs in the particular 
safari version. So I would have a close look at the relevant onchange 
routines to ensure they are as robust as possible, make few or ideally 
no environmental assumptions etc.

Martin Baxter

> basically, the form I use is made of 2 parts :
> 1- a bunch of text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and
> menus, all visible and used to enter data
> 2- a serie of hidden elements which are the true <form>
> uploaded by clicking on the submit btn - those hidden
> elements gather all the data entered by users and are filled
> by js functions according to what users select, type and check.
> This works fine on IE Mac OS9 & OSX and Win XP, as well
> as Firefox Win & Mac OSX and Safari 2.
> The previously described problem arises only SOMETIMES on
> a previous version of Safari...
> JB
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