imagedata in Word XML

Henk van der Velden henk at
Wed Mar 22 15:00:56 EST 2006


putting binary data from a Word XML file into an image on a Rev card  
is quite straightforward.
There is a node <w:binData> containing the image data.

     put revXMLNodeContents(treeID, node) into theData
     create img
     put it into theImg
     set the text of image theImg to base64Decode(theData)

The hard part of course is to parse Word XML in a proper manner. I'm  
working on that right now. I'll see where I get. If it works OK, I'm  
willing to share my code, of course.


On 22-mrt-2006, at 19:00, use-revolution-request at wrote:

>> I've done some testing, here are my results:
>> - when an image is loaded, it's text property is not set; when it is
>> imported, it is.
>> - when the text property of an image is changed, the imageData,
>> width, height etc also change.
>> So now I can use the binary data from the Word XML file,  decode
>> them, create a new, empty image on the card and set the text of that
>> image to the decoded binary data.
> Henk, is this code that can be shared with the Rev community? If  
> so, that
> would be great...

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