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> I am using a button to put a text field on the clipboard. I set the 
> clipboarddata["html"] to the htmltext of the field, then when I try to 
> paste into MS Word, my field formatting does not come through. 
> Instead, the default textFont and textSize for the stack is what 
> determines the format of the pasted text -- I have experimented with 
> this, and changing the field properties has zero effect on the paste, 
> whereas changing the stack properties changes the paste. As an added 
> complication, though, setting the textFont of the stack works 
> perfectly, but when I set the textSize of the stack to 10, it comes 
> through as 12. All other sizes work the way they are supposed to: 
> stack textSize of 9 results in size 9 text in the paste, stack 
> textSize of 14 comes through as 14, etc. Only stack textSize of 10 
> comes through as 12.
> here's the relevant portion of the script:
> put fld "wordPath" into wordpath
> put fld "letterPath" into letterPath
> put theHdr into fld "formatPrintText"
> set the textFont of fld "formatPrintText" to "Bookman Old Style"
> set the textSize of fld "formatPrintText" to "10"
> set the clipboarddata["html"] to the htmltext of fld "formatPrintText"
> set the clipboarddata["text"] to theHdr -- * see below
> launch letterPath with wordpath
> * (I've tried not setting the clipboarddata["text"] and it makes no 
> difference.)
> I'm puzzled. The clipboarddata["html"] clearly is not getting set 
> properly. I am using Dreamcard v2.6.1 build 152 on a Mac iBook running 
> OSX v10.4.5, and Word for Mac v11.2.3. The problem with the size 10 
> getting seen as size 12 appears to be a Word problem, since the paste 
> into another text app comes through as expected.

Hi Peter,

> Why doesn't the htmlText of the field get onto the clipboard?
I recently discovered that, after "select text of fld "suchField" :

1 - put the selectedText into fld "essai"  -->> doesn't keep format 
when paste
2 - put the selection into fld "essai" -- >> idem
3 - set the clipboardData["text"] to the selectedText -->> idem
4 - set the clipboardData["text"] to the selection -- >> idem
5 - copy the selectedText -->> paste in Word remains formatted
6 - copy the selection -- >> remains formatted
(Mac G4 ; 0SX 10.2.8 ; RR ; Word 10.1.0)

Best regards from Grenoble

> Why in the world should the default text properties of the stack have 
> any effect here?
> Peter M. Brigham
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