use-revolution Digest, Vol 30, Issue 57

Robert Sneidar bobs at
Wed Mar 22 14:21:49 EST 2006

Thanks Sarah great tip! It works great for development, which I  
needed presently. I will in the future be making a card which will  
act as a table listing function for various tables and their  
respective data sets, and so I will need to change them on the fly,  
by passing the tab stops along with the table and fields I want to  
display. To that end I wrote a simple function which converts column  
widths eg. 1,2,3,4 into tab stops eg 1,3,6,10. I will post it as soon  
as I am sure I have the bugs worked out.

Bob Sneidar
IT Manager
Logos Management
Calvary Chapel CM

On Mar 21, 2006, at 7:53 PM, use-revolution-request at  

> The tabstops are a cumulative number representing the pixels from the
> left of the field for each stop. If you set them to "120,125" the
> first column will be 120 pixels wide and all other columns will be 5
> pixels wide.
> I recommend Frederic Rinaldi's revTabRuler plugin which now comes as
> one the the standard plugins in your Rev installation. It allows you
> to set tabStops graphically by dragging  them along in his palette. I
> wrote an article about it some time ago for revJournal
> <>. Just ignore the
> installation instructions as it should already be in the plugins menu.
> Cheers,
> Sarah

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