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Mark Brownell gizmotron at
Wed Mar 22 12:52:08 EST 2006

>From: Devin Asay <devin_asay at>
>Hi Folks,
>Is it possible to store html styled text in an xml document and then  
>successfully retrieve the text with html markup intact?
>I'm working on an application where I need to save styled text in an  
>XML document. I can successfully insert the htmlText of the styled  
>field into the xml document so I end up with a node that looks like  
>Here are my comments.
>Some of the text is colored <font color="#FF0000">red</font> &  
><font color="#0000FF">blue</font>
>However, when I read this node in with the revXMLNodeContents()  
>function the html tags are stripped out and all I get is naked text.  
>Here's a code snippet:

Use a pull-parser function (see below)

Example :
put PNLPgetElement("<pullThisTag>", "</pullThisTag>", tPullThis) into tPullThisTag

for elements:

function PNLPgetElement tStTag, tEdTag, stngToSch
   put empty into zapped
   put the number of chars in tStTag into dChars
   put offset(tStTag,stngToSch) into tNum1
   put offset(tEdTag,stngToSch) into tNum2
   if tNum1 < 1 then
     return "error"
     exit PNLPgetElement
   end if
   if tNum2 < 1 then
     return "error"
     exit PNLPgetElement
   end if
   put char (tNum1 + dChars) to (tNum2 - 1) of stngToSch into zapped
   return zapped
end PNLPgetElement

For an array of elements:

function getPNLPelements tStartTag, tEndTag, StringToSearch
   put empty into tArray
   put 0 into tStart1
   put 0 into tStart2
   put 1 into tElementNum
   put the number of chars in tStartTag into dChars
     put offset(tStartTag,StringToSearch,tStart1) into tNum1
     put (tNum1 + tStart1) into tStart1
     if tNum1 < 1 then exit repeat
     put offset(tEndTag,StringToSearch,tStart2) into tNum2
     put (tNum2 + tStart2) into tStart2
     if tNum2 < 1 then exit repeat
     --if tNum2 < tNum1 then exit repeat
     put char (tStart1 + dChars) to (tStart2 - 1) of StringToSearch into zapped
     put zapped into tArray[tElementNum]
     add 1 to tElementNum
   end repeat
   return tArray
end getPNLPelements

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