imagedata in Word XML

Henk van der Velden henk at
Wed Mar 22 10:40:28 EST 2006

Hello Rob e.a.

On 19-mrt-2006, at 19:00, use-revolution-request at wrote:

>>> Indeed does the text of an image contain binary data, but it  
>>> looks like it's in the PNG format.
>>> I will do some testing.
>>> If the text of an image is PNG binary data, and the Word file  
>>> contains only PNG images, I would be able to set the text of an  
>>> image to the decoded text from the WordXML node.
>> one could also try to simply "put" the data into an image!
>> -> put url("binfile:image.png") into img 1
>> does work, so this is a least worth a try :-)
> My assumption is that, just as changing an object's top property  
> automatically changes other related properties (eg:  
> topLeft,bottomRight, loc, etc.), changing an image's text property  
> will automatically change imageData and other "text-related"  
> properties of the image.  I'm a few days away from testing this  
> issue myself.

I've done some testing, here are my results:
- when an image is loaded, it's text property is not set; when it is  
imported, it is.
- when the text property of an image is changed, the imageData,  
width, height etc also change.

So now I can use the binary data from the Word XML file,  decode  
them, create a new, empty image on the card and set the text of that  
image to the decoded binary data.


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