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[some good advice on the above subject, including]

> I hate to confirm what you don't want to hear; but, yes, it ends up
> being a messy job for the reasons you identified: creating a
> generalized handler from two or more similar handlers in different
> stacks often means changing the scripts in both.  To the extent that
> your common handlers are generic, you might adopt your controls to use
> handlers in existing rev libraries rather than generalizing your
> handlers as well as the scripts of controls that call them.  
> Serendipity
> Library <> includes handlers for data
> validation & formatting, date & time handlers, and list handlers in
> addition to SDB database handlers.
> The good news: when you are finished, the efficiency you will gain is
> worth much more than the effort involved.

Well, I suppose that had to be the answer - but I just wanted to  
thank you, Rob, for troubling to reply and give me a bit of  
encouragement. As soon as my current app is out of the door I will  
make a determined effort to library-ize my core routines, which are  
mostly to do with the house style decided on by my publisher, so that  
apps from different sources give a similar user experience - this  
means that it all has to be pretty well homegrown..



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