[?] Mac Classic, 2.6.1, MySQL

Judy Perry jperryl at ecs.fullerton.edu
Wed Mar 22 00:29:13 EST 2006


My department's Mac lab (yep, the FrankenLab of ill-repute) runs OS 9

Initially, it was because of some problems with dual boot (and the
machines not having enough RAM); then it was because of the RAM issue, and
now, quite frankly, I think it is because I'm the only Mac person in the
department and nobody else is even remotely aware of the big difference
between OS 9 & OS X.

Oh, and the fact that some sim program for a computer architecture class
only runs on OS 9...

But we OS niners still exist... even when we would rather not.


On Tue, 21 Mar 2006, Sean Shao wrote:

> In regards to the two posts - one from Paul Looney and one from Ruslan
> Zasukhin..
> PL> Do you REALLY need to support OS 9?
> Yes.
> PL> The time and effort you would put into supporting OS 9
> That's the great thing about Rev, there's very little extra time and effort
> required.
> RZ> But develop new app for old hardware/OS is not best idea.
> Why not?
> Even though Apple and Microsoft have stopped supporting certain makes of the
> operating system there are still tons of machines out there that run them
> and that's still a potential market to make money from.
> In my situation I'm trying to use a feature of Rev and that's not working..
> It's not through fault of my code, nor because the OS is old, but because of
> a screw-up over at Rev.. Will there be a 2.6.2 to address this issue? Nope,
> just a forced upgrade to get the functionality promised..
> Anyways, I'll try the 2.5 Valentina/MySQL build thing another day when I
> have the chance..
> -Sean
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