[?] Mac Classic, 2.6.1, MySQL

Sean Shao shaosean at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 21 20:35:12 EST 2006

In regards to the two posts - one from Paul Looney and one from Ruslan 

PL> Do you REALLY need to support OS 9?

PL> The time and effort you would put into supporting OS 9
That's the great thing about Rev, there's very little extra time and effort 

RZ> But develop new app for old hardware/OS is not best idea.
Why not?

Even though Apple and Microsoft have stopped supporting certain makes of the 
operating system there are still tons of machines out there that run them 
and that's still a potential market to make money from.

In my situation I'm trying to use a feature of Rev and that's not working.. 
It's not through fault of my code, nor because the OS is old, but because of 
a screw-up over at Rev.. Will there be a 2.6.2 to address this issue? Nope, 
just a forced upgrade to get the functionality promised..

Anyways, I'll try the 2.5 Valentina/MySQL build thing another day when I 
have the chance..


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