Acessing button scripts in a HC stack ?

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Tue Mar 21 19:18:36 EST 2006

Hello from San Dimas,
I'm missing something here.
Why not just have Rev open the HC stack, this will convert it to a Rev 
stack? You would be able to access all of the button and field scripts 
- and do whatever you want with them. You could then write any Rev 
script needed to import/export or work with the data in what is now a 
Rev stack. This will not harm the original HC stack - as you will be 
working from a Rev-converted copy in RAM.
Paul Looney

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Subject: Acessing button scripts in a HC stack ?

   Hi from Paris, 
 I thought that I had been explicit, but apparently not ! 
 From a Rev 2.6.1 stack, I want to open a HC stack (at the 
 same time), examine it visually, type a name into a field in 
 the Rev stack which corresponds to a button that I see in 
 the HC stack. Then I want to hit a button in the Rev stack 
 which picks up the script from that button in the HC stack, 
 and returns it to the Rev stack where I can play with it, using 
 a Rev script. 
 I also want to do the same with scripts from fields. 
 "Reasonable request - no other interest" 
  (Only the very best - Tycoon - 1992 - Peter Kingsbery) 
 Please don't ask me why I don't use "Cut" and "Paste" ..... 
 All of this is with the object of automating (as far as I can) 
 my HC to Rev conversions. Building the stacks is a piece 
 of cake with Rev, but modifying the scripts is a pain, so I do 
 it ...... using a script ..... of course ! My problem is bringing 
 the script over to Rev ..... 
 "Nothing should ever be done for the first time !" 
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