DRM for Images and Text in Stacks

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Tue Mar 21 15:13:32 EST 2006

Scott Rossi wrote:
> Recently, I wrote:
>> field contents are
>> encrypted along with the rest of the stack data when a stack is password
>> protected, while custom props are not
> ...or maybe custom props *are* encrypted.  That's weird, I could have sworn
> that custom props were visible when viewing stack data in a text editor, but
> now (Rev 2.6) it doesn't seem so.  Perhaps this used to be the case with
> older versions of Rev.

As I recall, when the possibilty of encrypting custom props along with 
scripts was brought up on the improve-rev list, it was shot down because 
it would kill access to those properties.

Fortunately a quick test here confirms what you've found: custom props 
are indeed encrypted when the password is set, but only on disk -- you 
can still view and edit the data from scripts, such as the IDE's.

So while it keeps people who don't have Rev from extracting data, it 
still leaves data vulnerable to those who do.

Isn't there a BZ request for SC-style password protection?  In SC 
setting the password prevents the stack from being opened in the IDE. 
If there isn't already a request for this maybe someone should post one, 
with recommendations on what that password property should be called.

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