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On 3/21/06 7:33 PM, "simplsol at aol.com" <simplsol at aol.com> wrote:

> Sean,
> Permit me an "off the wall" question...
> Do you REALLY need to support OS 9?
> Any computer Apple has made since 1998 (8 years!) will run some flavor
> of OS X (although they probably need more RAM). The time and effort you
> would put into supporting OS 9 could be invested in making your OS X
> product even better - giving your customers another reason to make the
> move. OS 9 is dead, or at least dying, first there were new computers
> that would not boot into 9, then there were new computers that wouldn't
> run 9; as used and reburb computers run out there will be no OS 9
> options for your customers.
> We had originally intended to port our HC business system to Rev in OS
> 9 and OS X. Then we decided that the customers running OS 9 had a good
> business system they could continue to use (our current HC one). New
> customers and all current customers moving to OS X would not care about
> OS 9 compatibility.
> Your situation may be different.
> Just a thought.

I'd like support this point. :-)

It is impossible forever try support old, dead, dying versions of OS.

Apple itself have stop support OS9.
Microsoft have stop support even Win98 if I not mistaken.

I can understand if you support already existed app,
But develop new app for old hardware/OS is not best idea.

Forcing customers to upgrade old MACs you help Apple also :-)

You help self as developer, because it is dream for a developer to trash
this Zoo with Classic, Carbon, ... support, and leave only with OS X MACHO
version on MAC,and only Win XP version on Windows with their modern

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