Mac OS-X standalone from Windows machine

Levi Kendall ljk144 at
Tue Mar 21 13:02:29 EST 2006

Hi All,
  I'm having a bit of a problem making a standalone application for OS-X
from a Windows machine.  Actually making it is not the problem really,
running it is.  The save to standalone works fine and I end up with what I
am assuming is the executeable in a structure that looks as such:

My \ Contents \ MacOS \ My Application

  What seems to be the problem is the file at the end "My Application" does
not get the execute flag set on it when being transfered to the OS-X
filesystem.  My current method of transport was simply to zip the entire
directory and then unzip the file on the Mac.  This would leave the
directory structure as is, which I'm assuming is necessary.  However the
problem is the "My Application" executeable needs to have CHMOD run on it in
order to properly execute because of the execute flag missing on the OS-X

  Does anyone have any solution to work around this?  Is it necessary to
have some kind of "installer" program to properly set this up on the OS-X
end?  Or is there another way to handle it?  If at all possible, I would
like to be able to handle this from the Windows machine, rather than
actually needing an OS-X box.

-Levi Kendall

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