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On 3/21/06 10:21 AM, "Klaus Major" <klaus at> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am currently working through the XML docs and am desparately
> looking for
> something llike -> "revXMLfindNodeBycontent"
> There is a "revXMLmatchingNode" but that only lets me find the node
> that has an
> atrribute with a specific value!
> Do I really have to cycle through the XMLtext or something line by
> line to find
> a node by its content?
> Please tell me it ain't so!!!! :-/

Sorry, Klaus, AFAIK you can't find data information with the revXML DLL.

<shameless  plug>

My newly-released XML Library 2.0 will let you do it -
"stsXML_FindNodesByData". And you can use it along with the revXML DLL with
no interaction issues.

</shameless plug>

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