linux sound issues

Joe Baskerville joeb at
Tue Mar 21 09:44:53 EST 2006

hi all,

i have an issue with playing sound from a stack on linux. the 
documentation states that revolution uses xanim to play audio files, but 
as has been documented in many places, this is no longer in development 
and is tricky to install.

so im trying to use mplayer instead. the methods i've tried to get this 
working are:

creating a shell script called xanim, which is in the path, which passes 
any arguements onto mplayer. running this from the command line works 
fine, but its not being picked up by revolution.

i've also tried stating the audio/video player using the videoClipPlayer 
property, but this doesnt seem to work either.

has anybody had any luck with this? i can call mplayer (or the xanim 
script) using the shell function and it works fine, but i'd rather it 
used the internal play function.

any help would be appreciated,

cheers, joe.

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