Where has all the Object Documentation gone?

Cal Horner calhorner at xtra.Co.NZ
Mon Mar 20 16:08:52 EST 2006

Back in the good ol' days, those of 2.6, 2.5 and earlier, there was a very
effective tool (for me) in the Revolution on-line documentation. It even had
its own button. It was called OBJECTS.
It seems to have gone the way of the Dodo or have the Dodos simply left it
out of 2.7?
My question is simply this. Has anyone been able to incorporate it back into
2.7 documentation. Or, are you like me, loading in 2.6  for that one
feature? Yes, I know some of you have gone back to 2.6.1 in its entirety.
BTW, This is the only complaint I have about 2.7. It hasn't fallen over once
 since I installed. And it seems to do everything I ask of it. Perhaps I got
the prize in the Cracker jacks box?

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