Dreamcard Won't Recognize Hypercard Stacks

J. Landman Gay jacque at hyperactivesw.com
Mon Mar 20 15:38:49 EST 2006

Iden Rosenthal wrote:
> I have just installed Dreamcard 2.7 and tried to open some Hypercard  
> Stacks to convert them. They are unrecognized (grayed) in the file  open 
> dialog. Is there something I've missed? The stacks will run in  
> Hypercard Player under Classic mode in OS X 10.4.5. They won't open  in 
> either Oracle Card or Spinnaker Plus (message says they are "not  
> okay"). I realize these last two have nothing to do with Dreamcard  but 
> I thought I'd mention it just in case anyone else out there has  any 
> experience there as well.

If the stacks are in the old 1.0 format, they won't import. You'll have 
to open them in HC 2.0 or later and choose "Convert stack" from the File 
menu. That will fix them.

That said, there's a bug in the current release of Dreamcard/Revolution 
that prevents opening HC stacks. The problem has already been fixed, and 
will be in the next incremental release which is due out any time now.

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