[?] Mac Classic, 2.6.1, MySQL

Sean Shao shaosean at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 20 14:52:09 EST 2006

I'm working on a small project that needs to run on Mac OS X, Mac Classic 
(9.2.2) and Windows and that uses the database library to connect to a MySQL 
server. Everything runs fine on OS X and Windows, and it runs fine in the 
IDE on Mac Classic.

When I compile a Classic application from the IDE on the Classic Mac the 
application crashes on launch with a Type 1001 error.
I've noticed that the MySQL library file from the 2.6.1 Classic IDE is only 
244 KiB yet the one that's in my OS X 2.6.1 IDE is over a meg big.
When I replace the MySQL library in the compiled app's folder the 
application successfully launches, but I get a Rev DB error "Unsupported 
database type".

Has anyone successfully made a Classic app using the database library to 
connect to a MySQL server, or has everyone moved forward to OS X?


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