2.7 bugs in variable watcher, table fields

Sumner,Walt WSUMNER at im.wustl.edu
Mon Mar 20 13:25:45 EST 2006

Anybody else having these problems?

Mac OS X: 
Run a script with a breakpoint.
Open the message watcher at the breakpoint.
Open the variable watcher after opening the message watcher.
Variable watcher echos variable names, refuses to display variable values. 
Close message watcher.
Step forward (which ought to have a keyboard equivalent, by the way).
Variable watcher displays variable values. 

Very confusing until you realize that there is an ugly interaction with the
message watcher.

Windows XP tablet
Save and close all Rev projects that matter to you.
Create a label field to sit above a field that will have tab stops. The label
field will provide several column headers.
Open the property inspector andselect "contents"
Type "Column 1" & tab & "Column 2" & tab & "Column 3" (without the quotes and
ampersands, just type three column headers)
Click the table icon. Nothing is aligned, but I can still work.
Deselect the table icon. Now the contents are wrapped, but they are not
supposed to be.
Select the wrap icon. Nothing happens (already wrapped).
Deselect the wrap icon. I can not see, scroll to, or select the text "Column
Select the wrap icon - there it is again, apparently OK.
Go to the property drop list and select "Table". 
Open the task manager since Rev has stopped responding.
Check performance. Probably pegged at 100%, of which 96%+/-3% is Rev. 
Wait <1 minute. Fan kicks in.
Let laptop run for 10 minutes while preparing cookie dough. Press right back
corner of laptop over raw flattened cookie dough. Cookie will be ready to eat
in 5 - 10 minutes. 
Kill Rev process. Fan will stop in a minute or two.

The problems with tables are getting pretty old, folks. As much as I love
programming in X-Talk and having instant cross-platform capabilities, it is
embarrassing to admit that I have to work around all these bugs, or to lose
work, etc, because I don't want to work in a "real" language.

Please fix the bugs.

--Walt Sumner

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