Making the move...

Chipp Walters chipp at
Mon Mar 20 04:38:39 EST 2006

Hi Geoff,

One does come to mind, it's the startup handler(s) of my splash stack, 
and they are broken down serially into 7 or 8 different handlers, each 
numbered sequentially with a handler name.

And because I want to be able to read them one after the other, I ended 
up programming them serially. Some were as long as 50-60 lines, others 
shorter. Because they form the code of virtually all of my applications, 
I wanted them to be very easily read, and updated.

This worked for me. May not have for you, I don't know. I doubt my brain 
can grasp thinking in bigger's working overtime as it is!


Geoff Canyon wrote:
> Out of curiosity, do you have an example handy of a long handler that  
> you think makes more sense to keep together than to break up? Or one  
> that you think can't be broken up without significant effort to do it?
> When you think of a long handler, do you generally think of it as  
> having a single identifiable task, or do you think of it as being  
> several tasks performed in sequence in one handler?

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