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Sun Mar 19 23:13:59 EST 2006

Thanks Mark! There's the man, solving real world problems :-)

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
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> All-
> At Lynn Fredericks' prodding, I created a small stack to 
> generate some JavaScript to hide email addresses on web sites.
> What is this?
> Placing your email address online is a sure-fire way to attract spam.
> This stack generates some JavaScript code which can be pasted 
> into a web page to create a clickable link for your email 
> address, but which is resistant to harvesting by online 
> search robots. Enter your email address and the text you want 
> displayed on the web page, then click the "Convert" button. 
> Take the resulting JavaScript code and paste it onto a web 
> page instead of a "mailto:" link to your email address.
> In revOnline in user space "mwieder" or under "Utilities".
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> -Mark Wieder
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