Standalone crashing

Dave Beck dave at
Sun Mar 19 21:47:56 EST 2006

I just wanted to let the list know that some of my clients have been
reporting very frequent crashes of a standalone built with Rev 2.6.1.
According to them the standalone is crashing every few MINUTES. The crashes
happen at different times, often but not always when closing windows, and
the Microsoft fatal error "Send error report" dialog is always displayed.

This has just been an issue recently, and only with a few specific clients,
although I do get complaints about less frequent crashes from just about
everybody across the board. This goes back to the discussion about new
features vs. fixing what doesn't work. If Rev wants to be taken seriously as
a professional development environment the standalones need to be stable!!

I love Rev but it is very frustrating to see these problems happen and not
be able to do anything about them because it is a problem in the Rev engine
and not my code. Please concentrate on fixing the stability issues. 

I would switch to 2.7 but in my experience that version is even worse. Let's
try to go forward next time. Personally I could care less about blending.

Thanks for otherwise great product.


PS. I'm happy to have my clients collect the error logs if it would help.

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