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Sun Mar 19 20:31:36 EST 2006

The latest version of Navigator at:

can easily search all the scripts in a stack, and return a list of  
references to them for further use.

The command is on the contextual menu, and can be used on a stack, a  
card, a group, or any combination of objects. Select Find>In  
Scripts... to search the selected objects, or Find>In Enclosed  
Scripts... to search the selected objects and all the objects they  

So if you want to search a stack and everything in it including  
substacks, use Find>In Enclosed Scripts... on the mainstack.

You can also search by a test, which allows you to do things like  
search for every button that is red, or every 16-pixel tall field  
with no script, etc.



On Mar 19, 2006, at 12:50 PM, Ernst M. Reicher wrote:

> oups - aha
> I tried the "built in" some time ago and it worked awfully slow....
> also this seems to be a little bit neglected....
> drag the right border:  there is an unused popup, a "walking  
> circle", a progressbar and a resizeIcon.....
> thank you Jacqueline!!!
> Regards,
>            Ernst
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>> Ernst M. Reicher wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I tried to start discussion about this several times in the past...
>>> but the response was poor....  probably REAL delvelopers store their
>>> scripts in their hypothalamus and don´t need a SearchScript....:-)
>>> ..over the years I found some trials in other "plugins" that  
>>> worked so
>>> and so....
>> There has probably been little response because script searches are
>> built into Revolution. Type Command-F, uncheck all but the "Script"
>> checkbox, and click "Find" to do the search.
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