[OT] looking for rev (or mc) cgi engine

Nicolas Cueto nicolas_cueto at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 19 16:54:50 EST 2006

Hello List,

It's been a back-and-forth with my
webhost these last two weeks trying
to get what was a perfectly working
mc-cgi setup to startup on a new

The latest word from their technical
support staff is:

"It seems that the binary format is not 
compatable on the system, If you can get 
setup as ELF-32 it will probably work."

Unsure what this means, my guess is that
the FreeBSD mc/rev engine I ftp'd from
RunRev, needs to be compiled (uploaded?)
in ELF-32 format, whatever exactly that is.

Anyway, if someone understands what
I'm being asked for and can explain or
help me out, it would be a great relief.

Many thanks.

Nicolas Cueto

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