imagedata in Word XML

Henk van der Velden henk at
Sun Mar 19 06:11:15 EST 2006


Indeed does the text of an image contain binary data, but it looks  
like it's in the PNG format.
I will do some testing.
If the text of an image is PNG binary data, and the Word file  
contains only PNG images, I would be able to set the text of an image  
to the decoded text from the WordXML node.


On 18-mrt-2006, at 19:00, use-revolution-request at wrote:

>> Well, even though you decode the information from the WordML file,  
>> now you have a binary representation of a PNG or JPEG, etc., and  
>> that is not in a format proper for imageData, which is an array of  
>> 4-byte integers, each integer representing one pixel.  You will  
>> have to base-64 decode the information in the WordML file and then  
>> read it in as if you were reading an image file off a disk, etc.   
>> This will decompress the information that is encoded in the file  
>> and then you can use the result as imageData.
> Are you sure the result should be used as the imageData of an image  
> rather than its text?
> I don't know exactly what is stored in WordML; but my understanding  
> is that the text of an image is the actual binary content of the  
> image file, while the imageData is a Rev-proprietary representation  
> of the image as currently displayed.

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