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Ernst M. Reicher e.reicher at
Sun Mar 19 04:51:18 EST 2006

I tried to start discussion about this several times in the past...
but the response was poor....  probably REAL delvelopers store their scripts 
in their hypothalamus and don´t need a SearchScript....:-)
..over the years I found some trials in other "plugins" that worked so and 
I adapted the HC-script for me and it worked well in MC but no more in Rev.
Now I´m using constellation and there is a pretty good built in 
In my opinion it´s (for me!) not too comfortable - mine showed a list of 
occurrences - but it works....


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> Hi Everyone,
> Has anyone made the RR version of handler that was "SearchScript" in
> HyperCard? I tried to convert it, but my script opened up all the script 
> windows at
> the same time. That was a royal pain. Maybe you could just tell me how to 
> open a
> script, edit it and then go on to the next script window that has a search
> string.
> Joe,
> Orlando, FL 

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