Integrating Revolution and Flash

Henk van der Velden henk at
Sun Mar 19 04:45:41 EST 2006

Hi Pradeep,

you can also take a look at Trevor deVore's Enhanced QuickTime External:

Kind regards,

On 18-mrt-2006, at 15:17, use-revolution-request at wrote:

> Hi Pradeep,
> First, i would say yes, as long as flash can be handled trough  
> javascript calls we can bind to transcript handlers (i do that* all  
> the time, for my own *.js stored/used as global vars from inside my  
> rev-based web applications servers).
> Second, i would recommand to use AJAX (prototype.js framework and  
> accessories) as long as AJAX let us code all what can be managed  
> from within flash without making us depend from the Macromedia  
> proprietary solution.
> Just as a small example illustration of the AJAX potential <http:// 
> All the Best to You and Albert,
> Le 17 mars 06 à 10:14, MITTAL Pradeep Kumar a écrit :
>> Hello,
>> Is there any way to integrate revolution and flash ?
>> Some way of placing  Flash UI on top of Rev Card.
>> On top of revolution Object (lets say button ) one can put the flash
>> button. And when one clicks then revoluion button script is called.
>> Rev can create the XML file and then XML Data can be sent to flash  
>> swf
>> and vice versa.
>> What do you think ? Is there anyone who has tried integrating rev an
>> flash?
>> Best Regards
>> Pradeep

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