Arrays as custom properties?

John Tregea john at
Sun Mar 19 01:26:02 EST 2006

Thanks Scott,

I already have a number of arrays stored in global variables and want to 
store each complete array as a custom property of the group. I realise I 
could repeat through the structure of the array and transfer each array 
element to a corresponding element in the group's custom property, but 
hoped to be able to "plonk" the array into the custom property.

I will check my use of the word "the"...


Scott Rossi wrote:
> Recently, John Tregea wrote:
>> I have been looking to see if I can set an array as a custom property of
>> a group.
>> ... I get an error message on execution that says "bad index expression"
> Yes, you need to define an index for the array.  Perhaps you mean something
> like this:
>   set the myAccess["password"] of group "A" to gMyAccess
> To retrieve:
>   get the myAccess["password"] of group "A"
> Also, I believe a custom property must always be prefaced by "the".
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