Draw spokes on a wheel

Jim Hurley jhurley at infostations.com
Sat Mar 18 11:11:40 EST 2006

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>On Mar 17, 2006, at 10:26 PM, Dick Kriesel wrote:
>>  You're welcome.  You didn't note whether it worked for you.  Did it?
>It worked very well.  I did end up using Malte's solution because I
>was able to modify it easily enough to have it rotate as needed.  I 
>will be tinkering with the turtle graphics that Jim has developed.  I 
>learned a lot from all the solutions indeed!  Thx again!
>Mark Talluto
>CANELA Software


And to modify the TG handler to rotate the spokes:

on mouseUp
   put 12 into tNumSpokes
   put 100 into tLengthSpokes
   repeat with tAngle = 0 to 358 step 2
     seth tAngle --Short for setHeading
     repeat 360/tNumSpokes
       fd tLengthSpokes
       bk tLengthSpokes
       left 360/tNumSpokes
     end repeat
     unlock screen
     --This last line is only necessary in Mac OSX.
     --Kevin tells me that this screen refresh problem in OSX will be 
fixed in 2.7.1 
   end repeat
end mouseUp

For fun and games with rolling you may  want to look at:

go url " http://home.infostations.net/jhurley/Rolling.rev"

Run Rev has expressed an interest in implementing TG in Revolution. 
Be nice to have a new control, a turtle control (multiple turtles 
like multiple graphic objects) that responds to the TG vocabulary.


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