DRM for Images and Text in Stacks

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Sat Mar 18 04:40:22 EST 2006

1) The "bad guys" are in my "dream world" are other owners of the Rev  
IDE, which has in this future world, become as ubiquitous as Acrobat  
Professional. It implies that Rev actually does become wildly  
popular... In that  world, not all will be as scrupulous as our  
current obviously rapidly growing group of Rev users. The "bad guys"  
are people in need of content for their projects or web sites who use  
our content. It's already happening... with images from our web sites  
now, which is fine because we own it all. Within 72 hours  of going  
live with "http://www.himalayanacademy.com/resources/books/dws/" the  
site was indexed by Google, hit on by users to browse and others took  
images which started appearing on other servers, which was fine in  
this case because we owned it all. "Bad" implies that these people   
are "criminals" but actually we don't think like that at all, we tend  
to deploy stuff rather freely and it looks that way to everyone and  
so they take it and re use it and we never do much about it...   
"share with the world" model.. It save an enormous amount of mental  
reestate that would other wise be invested in protection and yet  
still be able to draw some "lines" inside the media itself where  
users see "can't go there..."

2) Yes, all the options  for encryption and storing the media  
externally are all there. But I would still

	a) like to be able to have the media in the stack and
	b) see a drop dead simple option to block viewing of substacks in  
the IDE...

because i) encrypt, decrypt and display is sluggish, of course  you  
script around even that by unpacking media in advance of display..  
but then  ii) CMS starts to get  complicated if  you separate the  
media from the stack. it gets back to use of mental re-estate  
invested in the "protection" business. It's just so "neat" to have  
it  all in the stack. This makes it very portable, and, side benefit:  
scripting the  presentation to an amazingly "baby" simple set of  "Go  
Next Card" handlers with a few transitions. Or, if one is in a "do it  
all on one card" mood.., then hide and show  handlers...

Anyway, thanks for all the solutions.. I've put in my feature  
request, something as brainless as "set security" in the IDE, check  
that box for the substack and that's the beginning and end of  time  
and effort in the protection business. 'til  then all  your good  
ideas are in my tool box... I'll try some.

Himalayan Academy Publications

On Mar 17, 2006, at 8:28 AM, Mark Talluto wrote:

> On Mar 17, 2006, at 8:57 AM, Stephen Barncard wrote:
>> Why can't you protect the access online to the files on a secure  
>> server rather than try to protect the media? Who or what are the  
>> 'bad guys'??
>> sqb
> Can the files be outside the application in a "data" folder  
> perhaps?  If so, you could just encrypt them with a setup app.   
> Your player or media app would then import the encrypted file,  
> decrypt it, and then show it.  All the while, the download media is  
> encrypted and safe.

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