[REQ] Testers needed

Sean Shao shaosean at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 18 02:35:08 EST 2006

In the next few days I will be finishing up development and internal testing 
of a custom listbox object and will be needing testers. Information about 
the listbox object (and a single screen capture) is available at my website.

The listbox object comes with a visual editor to allow you to place controls 
in the row. Controls currently supported are:

- standard buttons
- rectangle buttons
- checkboxes
- radio buttons
- option menus
- label fields
- text fields
- images
- movies (and I guess audio files too)

Other features also include:

- setting the row colour
- setting an alternate colour (ala mac os x)
- setting a mouse enter colour
- setting a selected row colour


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