Draw spokes on a wheel

Malte Brill revolution at derbrill.de
Fri Mar 17 16:08:07 EST 2006

Hi Mark,

here is a quicky. Make sure that the style of the grc accepts points 
(e.g=curve or line)

on mouseUp
   put item 1 of the loc of this cd into centerX
   put item 2 of the loc of this cd into centerY
   put 40 into isRadius
   put 60 into spokeLength
   repeat with isAngle=0 to 360 step 15
     put centerX+cos(isAngle*pi/180)*isRadius into isNewX1
     put centerY+sin(isAngle*pi/180)*isRadius into isNewY1
     put centerX+cos(isAngle*pi/180)*(isRadius+spokeLength) into isNewX2
     put centerY+sin(isAngle*pi/180)*(isRadius+spokeLength) into isNewY2
     put round(isNewX1),round(isNewY1)&cr after pointlist
     put round(isNewX2),round(isNewY2)&cr&cr after pointlist
   end repeat
   set the points of grc "wheel" to pointlist
end mouseUp

All the best,

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