imagedata in Word XML

Henk van der Velden henk at
Fri Mar 17 14:50:50 EST 2006

Good day all,

Word 2003 and newer can save as XML. If there is an image in the doc,  
it's binary data are saved in one of the nodes of an XML tree (body/p/ 

Now I want a Revolution stack to read these XML documents. I assumed  
the binary image data to be base-64 encoded. But when I decode the  
content of the node containing the binary image data, and set the  
imageData of an image in the Rev stack to it, I get a messy picture.
I have also tried to base-64 encode the imageData of an image in a  
Rev stack and paste it into a node containing binary image data in a  
Word XML file. But then Word doesn't understand the data.

Is there anyone who knows how Word's binary image data can be used in  

Kind regards,

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