Zoom/maximize box

Jon Seymour jonseymour at mac.com
Fri Mar 17 14:48:27 EST 2006

Hi all,

In my app I manipulate screen elements when the user resizes the  
window. For scaling Rev objects, the Geometry manager works well. I  
do intercept and pass the resizeStack message to do a couple of  
things, for example, reset the tabstops in a field, and redraw the  
altBrowser pane. I use liveResizing simply out of personal  
preference. It all works!

Except...when I click that darn zoom box. On both Mac and Win  
platforms, this causes my resizeStack handlers to fail. The Geometry  
manager works, and I can see in the Message Watcher that resizeStack  
is being sent, but for some reason there is no action. When I click  
the box again to toggle back to the old size, BOOM, the items are  
redrawn too big, reflecting the prior window size. The minute I grab  
and drag the resize area in the lower right of the window, everything  
snaps back to normal.

So, what am I missing? Is there a message sent or some other way to  
know specifically when the zoom box has been clicked?



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