AltBrowser 2.0 Extension and Web 2.0 Web Apps?

John Patten johnpatten at
Fri Mar 17 12:02:22 EST 2006

Hi all And Chip...

I had a question regarding Chip's AltBrowser 2.0 external...

Is it possible to use the external with web sites such as Writely (  I attempted using the demo browser in the new 2.0 version and was not successful. On the Windows version, it would kill Rev, and with the Mac it would bring up the page, allow login, but you could not edit anything (change text style, font, etc.)

My guess is maybe this is due to the fact that Writely opens up multiple windows and AltBrowser 2.0 does not support sites with multiple windows...??? Or, maybe the demo browser doesn't...?

Can anyone shed any light on using AltBrowser with something like Writley?

Thank you!

John Patten
Sylvan Union School District

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