Developer Annoyance #1

Arthur Urban aturban at
Fri Mar 17 03:17:04 EST 2006

Yeah, thought about that too, but I'm tired of accommodating 
transcript's ideosyncracies. A language should accommodate the developer 
at every turn. The problem I see with the solution below, is that if any 
layer in the message path has an identically named function, the one I 
want invoked will be intercepted early, and screen the one I actually 
want. It also kinda obviates the entire strategy of invoking a method in 
another object. :)

You probably already considered these side-effects, but I spelled them 
out for anybody else following along, trying to learn this language.

J. Landman Gay wrote:
> Or there's a really ugly way too, but it's short:
>   insert script of btn "source" into back
>   put calc(varA,varB) into localResult
>   remove script of btn "source" from back
> I know, I know...but it works.

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