Positioning the Message Box ?

Sarah Reichelt sarah.reichelt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 16:50:26 EST 2006

On 3/17/06, Francis Nugent Dixon <effendi at wanadoo.fr> wrote:
> Hi from Paris,
> I have an update on my own question. When I position the
> message  box,
> show message box
> set the rect of window  "message box"   to 394,681,802,826
> it goes to the right place. But when I display any data in it, it
> RETURNS to its original position (It happens so quickly
> during my script execution, that it was hard to see !).
> So now my question is reformulated. Can I freeze
> the message box so that it doesn't move ?

Using "show" seems to be the problem. If you just do something like:
    set the rect of stack "Message box" to 137,554,538,696
    put "Here I am"

it will stay in the right place.


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