How does 'Create Folder' give its result?

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at
Thu Mar 16 16:48:27 EST 2006

Have you put the command in a 'try' structure?


catch errorVariable   errorStatementsList
   [finally   cleanupStatementsList]
end try

See also:   catch keyword , end try keyword , finally keyword , 
lockErrorDialogs property , throw control structure 

Executes a list of statements, sending any errors to the try 
structure to be handled.

Use the try control structure to execute a series of statements and 
handle any error messages in the catch section, instead of letting 
Revolution display the error window.

>Graham Samuel wrote:
>>Thanks for the reply, but my point is that the 'create folder' 
>>function doesn't appear to me to return anything in 'the result' 
>>when  an error occurs: 'the result' just goes on being empty - but 
>>the  command does apparently generate an error text because I can 
>>see it  in the message box.
>The result is very fragile, and is usually emptied almost 
>immediately. To make sure you catch it, you have to check for it in 
>the very next line of script. Do you have any lines of script 
>between the "create" command and the result check?
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