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Thank you for the kind invitation! Given that I'm writing these server 
programs in aid of a certain well-known 12 Step program's online 
activities, and that it's doubtful I'll be at either event, more's the 
pity, please be advised you can Fed-Ex any kind of high-test 
caffiene-laden product (Saigon Dark beans, por ejemplo ...) to my 
office, anytime.

All kidding aside, and now that I've de-lurked, of all the mailing lists 
and digest I receive, I find this one of the most fertile & stimulating. 
I thank you all for that.

I think I can safely commit to delivering benchmarks by Wednesday of 
next week and will be happy to do so.

Peter Elliott

Richard Gaskin wrote:

> Peter Elliott wrote:
>> Rev works just fine with FastCGI. Fwiw, I'd be happy to set up
>> some  benchmarks and publish the results next week, if it helps.
> That would be enormously helpful.  Thank you!
> If you come to RevCon West in June or Euro RevCon in November I'll buy 
> the beverage of your choice at one of the get-togethers.  It's the 
> least I could do for such helpful information as the benchmarks.
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