[OT] Major Flood in Kauai - Swami??

Sivakatirswami katir at hindu.org
Thu Mar 16 04:43:05 EST 2006

Aloha, yes, we are fine... Thanks for asking. The reservoir that  
broke is about 20 miles north of us. It's been raining for 4-5 days,  
almost none stop, yesterday it rained steadily for 20 out of 24  
hours. We think the storm has  moved on...  Seven people missing..  
several found washed  out to sea... their  home must have been in  
direct path.  But, not to focus only on us... this is happening  
everywhere...in many countries.

Other strange things: The billion dollar new Mariott, when it was  
redone, the engineers decided to build the new hotel on a river bed  
and divert that stream to the ocean through a duct on the side of the  
hotel. Well, guess what, the stream delivered 10 times the duct  
capacity and decided to go for her old path to the ocean:  straight  
through the hotel, in the top floors, down through the  halls, out  
the  lobby, onto the beach and back to Mother! No one hurt, but --  
well, for species homo sapiens --- rather an embarrassing moment of  
incredulous dismay.

Mount Waialeale above us, I can see her daily when I step out from  
our publications office...  is the wettest place on earth. And that's  
with an average rainfall  around 460 inches a year. But, get this: in  
2005 we measured over 1000 inches at the top of the mountain.

Kauai's Hindu Monastery is in a very safe place. We are on higher  
elevation just a few miles inland. But even so, here we are standing  
at an electrical box on the side of a power line pole, it's four feet  
above ground in front of the temple... there is water pouring out of  
it, as if someone had hooked it up to a pump... can't believe our  
eyes, never saw such a thing. the land to the north from our   
property is at a higher elevation, fields, completely saturated and  
the underground electrical system has become a drain pipe for higher  
ground water.

The salinity measurements between the tropical latitudes has spiked,  
so, all that evaporated water..it's got to come down somewhere...  
someone said they had 24 free of snow in the midwest  
somewhere...never happened before in their lifetime.   It's happening  
folks; we were warned... this list is not the place to say more,  
suffice it to say: the show begins.


On Mar 15, 2006, at 1:29 PM, Stephen Barncard wrote:

> Our fellow Revolutionary Sivakatirswami lives in Kauai, HI.
> I found out today that there was a major dam breach on a river on  
> the north shore. I hope you're ok, man.
> http://edition.cnn.com/2006/US/03/15/hawaii.dam/index.html
> sqb
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