Positioning the Message Box ?

Robert Brenstein rjb at robelko.com
Thu Mar 16 12:47:20 EST 2006

>Hi from Paris,
>I have an update on my own question. When I position the
>message  box,
>show message box
>set the rect of window  "message box"   to 394,681,802,826
>it goes to the right place. But when I display any data in it, it
>RETURNS to its original position (It happens so quickly
>during my script execution, that it was hard to see !).
>So now my question is reformulated. Can I freeze
>the message box so that it doesn't move ?

Since Revolution, unlike Hypercard, offers you substacks, instead of 
fighting message box, create a substack with a single field in it and 
use for your progress. Display. In pseudo code it goes like

set the rect of stack "myprogressdisplay" to 394,681,802,826
modeless stack "myprogressdisplay"
put "my progress info" into fld 1 of stack "myprogressdisplay"
close stack "myprogressdisplay"


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