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> I was wondering if anyone has used Revolution in creating
> 1. A multiple choice quiz stack?
> 2. A multimedia "training" stack ?
> My interest is in the "look and feel" from the user experience and how
> self-contained training modules show flow. I have all the content material
> for several modules but lack the experience on the educational side in how
> best design the courses and test the users.
I am presently converting all the educational CDs produced by MedMaster 
( from their original format (mTropolis) to Revolution. 
mTropolis, a very useful program which is now essentially defunct in view of its 
incompatibility with the new Intel Macs, enabled rapid development of educational 
materials.  However, I am finding by comparison that Revolution  is better, 
allowing much more rapid development  in view of its powerful scripting language. 
The key is to first decide  what kind of format you want in the educational 
program, which may differ depending on the educational level of the students and 
the topic of the course. It would first help to explore existing educational 
programs in your field of interest, whether or not they are in computerized or 
written format.  Once you have decided on what you want to accomplish, the 
likelihood is that you will be able to do it in Revolution. I'll be happy to 
send you a sample of one or more of the programs I've done. These include:

1.  Neurologic localization - a program designed to instantly point 
graphically to the areas of the nervous system involved in neurologic deficits.  
Teaches the user how to make diagnoses. Contains a laboratory course in 
neuroanatomy. (No quiz questions)
2.  Ophthalmology atlas - teaches ophthalmic examination, including an atlas 
of ophthalmologic diseases (no scoring)
3.  Radiology atlas of ophthalmologic diseases - quizzes the student on 
radiologic images (no scoring)
4.  Cardiology - teaches heart sounds, EKGs, x-rays, echocardiography, along 
with a series of quiz questions (no scoring)
4.  Review for the Medical Board exams - I'm working on several Board exams. 
Each CD  includes 1000+ questions, with scoring. 
Frankly, I'm amazed at the relative ease of doing this in Revolution.  One of 
the really nice things about Revolution is the ease of connecting from the CD 
program to  Internet sites, which should prove increasingly important in 
future educational programs.

I've taught medical students for 25 years, which may involve a different 
educational approach than other audiences.  So the audience and the subject may 
influence the design.
Stephen Goldberg, MD
President, MedMaster Inc
stgoldberg at

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