Faking soft dropshadows

Ian Wood revlist at azurevision.co.uk
Wed Mar 15 21:51:39 EST 2006

With the new import/export snapshot abilities in Rev 2.7, it just got  
much easier to do certain kinds of image manipulation, and I finally  
got around to making a stack that will add relatively convincing  
dropshadows to a copy any image, transparent or not.

Basically, it copies flat colour into the image, makes multiple  
copies of it with different opacities and positions, then groups  
everything together so that it can be exported or imported as a new  
image with full transparency.

In the message box:
go url "http://www.azurevision.co.uk/rev/dropshadow_004.rev"

An example output:

You can also change the colour of the dropshadow...

Have fun,

Ian Wood
Panoramic photography, from web to billboard, sunrise to moonrise

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