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Simple: "A method for outputting Java byte-codes equivalent to  
MetaCard scripts has been designed, but implementation has been  
delayed until the serious performance, compatibility, and  
functionality limitations in Java have been rectified."

Then, you  can have a multiple export format, to java file, java  
applet, standalone for mac windows, linux, exactly the way they do here:
On top, that's free. Their GUI is limited but that's only version  
Beta. They announce a contribution from 
interfascia/, to enhance their set of GUI elements. So you can expect  
it to improve in the future. I really invite you to have a try,  
that's a gem.

Alternatively, you can convert hypertalk to javascript: http://

Alternatively, you can convert it to a mix of xml and embedded  
script, compatible with one of these:

Or you can write an hypertalk interpreter in java: http:// There is another guy with a version a lot  
more advanced than that (no, not freecard), but that's not on the web.

So many possibilities!


> Richard.....
> I *certainly* don't disagree with your response, but I'm earnestly  
> seeking a
> description of how you'd go about building an app in Rev that is  
> entirely
> deliverable via a Web browser, which is, I submit, the definition  
> of a Web
> application. I think that was the original point/question. Creating
> thin-client Web appliances is amazingly easy with Rev. Creating  
> CGIs that
> run on a server -- including back-end database access -- is also  
> feasible,
> if somewhat limited in terms of performance (no FCGI support as far  
> as I
> know).
> If this is possible, I'd sure like to know how to do it.
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