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Wed Mar 15 12:47:10 EST 2006

On Wed, 15 Mar 2006 , "Glen Bojsza" <gbojsza at> wrote :

> Hello everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone has used Revolution in creating
> 1. A multiple choice quiz stack?
> 2. A multimedia "training" stack ?
> My interest is in the "look and feel" from the user experience and how
> self-contained training modules show flow. I have all the content material
> for several modules but lack the experience on the educational side in how
> best design the courses and test the users.
> thanks in advance,
> Glen

Hello Glen,

This question comes up in regular intervals. Some hints:

- There are some educational stacks to be found at RevOnline.

- Marielle Lange has set up a special website for educational stacks: 

- As far as I know, Marty Billingsley  of the Chicago Laboratory School 
(founded by John Dewey at about 1895 as an institution of "Progressive 
Education") persues the work of Dewey using Revolution both for teaching 
and for introducing students to programming
(search the list archives for more information).

- There is a education-revolution list

- I had anwered to a similar post on this list (use-revolution) on Feb 7:

> There are some "educational" stacks on my website 
> <> you could check out:
> On page "Tools and Samples for Development"
> - "Seminar01" (A stack from 2001: step by step introduction - however 
> in German, but the scripts are of course in English - for different 
> kinds of basic educational software, among them a stepwise development 
> of a simple vocabulary trainer)
> - "Multiple-Choice Tutorial" (see also the broader  information for 
> this stack on page "Tutorials")
> On page "Sample Stacks"
> - "Image and Words"
> - "Animals"
> - and possibly ""Word Scramble".
> On page "Student Samples" there is one stack  "German States" for 
> learning to match the names of the German states and their flags and 
> other exercises. This stack is an exe-file, but may be interesting to 
> inspect because of the pedagogical design.

On page "Projects: Language Suite" you will find some information 
(although still in German) about some language learning stacks. We 
intend to make demo versions available of these stacks in the near future.

Best regards,

Wilhelm Sanke

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