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Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Tue Mar 14 23:46:36 EST 2006

Dan Shafer wrote:
> Web applications in the sense Ruby on Rails defines them cannot be written
> in Revolution.

Since that definition requires the Ruby language and that it be on
"rails", nothing can satisfy it except Ruby on Rails.


But DHTML (or AJAX* as the kids now call it) is just ASCII, and
Transcript is unusually adept at parsing, concatenating, and merging
text.  And behind the presentation layer a database is a database, and
interfacing it is always only as graceful as the self-discipline of the
developer, regardless of the language.  Frameworks are not a new
invention, and certainly not unique to RoR.

If the goal is to meet someone else's very specific definition of a
development paradigm, sure, Transcript may not be able to do exactly that.

But if the goal is to deliver the benefits of productive, flexible 
systems, Transcript can prove quite capable in ways that may surprise.

Extra bonus points:  With Rev you have the option of moving beyond Web 
2.0 as in <>, and moving right up to Web 3.0 a la 
<>. :)

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* I'm so old when I hear "Ajax" I think of 

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