Can't delete standalone in Windows

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Tue Mar 14 22:28:22 EST 2006

Regarding the inability to trash certain standalones that are transferred 
from Mac to Windows, it does appear that I can trash the standalone in Windows 
using control-alt-delete.   But to prevent the problem in the first place, you 
are correct, Scott, that quitting the program through the "Quit" command, 
rather than the close box in the titlebar prevents the problem.   Thus, the 
solution seems to be to not build in a close box in the standalone titlebar.   Thanks 
Scott.   I love this group.
Steve Goldberg

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> > "Cannot delete (the program). Access is denied.   Make sure
> > the disk is not
> > full or write protected and that the file in not currently in use."
> Use the CTRL + Delete key.  You'll see your app running there still.
> You can close it from there.  To avoid this be sure to implicitly call
> Quit in the application when closing down.
> Scott

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