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Tue Mar 14 15:45:47 EST 2006

Hello Michael:

As a non-developer type I might be able to give you yet another  
perspective on Rev. I own a post-production finishing house for  
commercials. My days are crazy with just my normal job and then I  
have to manage the IT needs and I'm also in charge of engineering.

I did a very small amount of HyperCard programming back in '91-'93  
and have put together a few filemaker pro databases, but basically  
have no experience as a programmer.

The fact that the program can switch from "programming" mode to "run"  
mode while you work makes it very easy and quick to see what you're  
going to get.

Using Revolution I have been able to:

1. Automate our web page generation for client feedback. This is a  
relatively complex setup that reads movies placed in various folders  
on our webserver and with some user input, generates password- 
protected php web pages that look every bit as good as others out there.

2. Created a touch-screen interface for iTunes to run on a powerbook  
in my car.

3. Created a slate generator (slates are the identifiers used in  
commercials). This program combines some background image with text  
to create sequential countdowns for our video projects. It runs on XP  
and OSX. In the month or so it's been running it has generated over  
2000 images!

I'm in the process of building a home-control application that acts  
as a client to iRed (an infrared remote server). The cool thing about  
this app is that it's allowed me to rescue a couple of old machines  
to use as controllers. The standalone client currently runs on OS9,  
XP tablet edition and OSX. This in itself is pretty amazing.

All of this while doing the rest of my work and without looking back.  
I strongly recommend the product.

Two things, start with v 2.6.1, (especially if you're going to be  
developing on windows) and I understand that there is a deal where  
you get Constellation for free. It's worth the $50 it costs anyway,  
but free is soo much better! :-)

So I find that it's the easiest way to write code that can actually  
do something without having to lear a complex and cryptic language.


On Mar 10, 2006, at 10:45 AM, Mvreade wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been playing with Revolution for a few days and am VERY  
> impressed with its capabilities and ease of use.
> I do however, have a few questions and reservations, which  
> hopefully you guys can answer.
> I found it a bit buggy (using a iBook G4, 1G of memory, on OSX  
> 10.4).  The property inspector went blank a few times, the  
> application crashed once, the sample database query in the example  
> solutions was updating records, demo videos weren't displaying, to  
> mention a few.
> So the quesiton is, how good of an environment to work on is it?
> And how stable are the final applications?
> For users who have used Rev for databases, I was wondering what  
> it's like to develop a system with, say, 20 tables and lots or  
> relationships and methods?
> Where would one store all the methods?
> For relationships, would one just keep a VERYlong list of Database  
> Queries?
> Finally, does any one know if Runtime Revolution Ltd has any plans  
> to have a connection to an open source, embeddable database, such  
> as SQLite?
> Thanks for your help,
> Michael Reade
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