Rev in Rosetta

simplsol at simplsol at
Tue Mar 14 11:55:19 EST 2006

There have been some requests for info on the new Macs with the Intel 
  I've been using an Intel iMac for two days now. The only problem in 
that time was a lockup trying to read from a flash drive. I restarted 
and never had the problem again.
 As for Rev in Rosetta:
  I don't have many empirical, stop watch, tests but importing and 
converting a large stack to a database required 3.4 minutes on the 2.0 
GHZ iMac (stock 512 K RAM). The same import required 6.8 minutes on my 
1.67 GHZ PowerBook (1 GB RAM).
  Everything "feels" faster on the iMac than the PB. Opening Rev files, 
coding, running code, debugging, etc. are all more than acceptable. I 
don't use heavy image manipulation or QuickTime so there may be issues 
I've not encountered that would be a problem for other users but for my 
work Rosetta works. With a Universal Binary Rev this computer should 
  Paul Looney

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