Making the move...

mvreade at mvreade at
Tue Mar 14 09:40:18 EST 2006


Very strong statements. Wow!  If I may ask for further  
clarification... I have two questions I'd love you expound upon.

1)  RealBasic -- that's the main rival, as I see it.  I haven't  
written big enough apps to test, but it seem that the compiler is  
pretty fast. I wonder how they compare in development and upkeep of  
for database projects.  What are your thoughts about the 2  
development environments?

2) Revolution vs Ruby on Rails?  You mean to say you use Revolution  
to write browser enabled web-apps? Something I could access with  
Firefox?  If so, I'd love to hear more.

Thanks again for you very insightful comments.  I really appreciate  


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